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Company history

Van Gemeren Mechanisatie B.V., formerly W. van Gemeren & Zonen N.V. was founded by Willem van Gemeren (†) in 1898. It was then taken over by his sons Johannes (†) & Piet van Gemeren (†). After that it was taken over by Johannes' son Wim van Gemeren (†) and has been led by his son Johan van Gemeren until 2022.

From 1898 to 1967 the company was located at the Stougjesdijk in Oud-Beijerland. Subsequently, the company moved to a location next to the junction between the Kwakscheweg and the Stougjesdijk. This building was in use until 1972. From 1972 to 1981 the company was located at the Burgemeester de Zeeuwstraat in Numansdorp. The current building on Industriestraat has been in use since 1981.
In 2011 plans were made to expand the building. In anticipation of this, two people from the construction industry were hired. Since then, a second company, Van Gemeren Constructief, has been established in the building.
In 2012, the existing building was completely renovated and a showroom has been added. Because of the design of the showroom, machines can be viewed better. Agricultural machines are becoming increasingly complex and the possibilities for use are not always optimally used. That is why an instruction room has been built in the new showroom so that we can provide our customers with all information during instruction meetings. With this we want to contribute to the transfer of knowledge. In addition, customers can exchange user experiences in meetings of that type.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to help customers as well as possible by means of good service, correct and honest advice, and good aftercare. Through these points we hope to help and support customers properly and in the right way. Trade does not stop at selling, then it starts. After the opening of the new building in 2013, we have already organized many meetings to inform our customers and possible future customers about new developments, use of various systems and instruction moments. This service is seen as normal by us. Our vision is to ensure an ever stronger relationship with the customer, by showing the customer that we offer much more than just sales and service. This way we hope to captivate the customer and to be able to bind our company. In 2016 our aim was rewarded by acquiring the second prize at the AGTA election in the category 'Best Service Company'. The winner from this category came from the logistics sector, so as a mechanization company we were the best.

In our package for agricultural and contracting businesses, you can find reliable brands such as Amazone, Agricola Italiana, Agrisem, Baselier, Claas, Gemtec, Güttler, Holmer, Kärcher, Raven/SBG, Schmotzer, Startec, VSS, Visser Bolsward and Wallner. These brands are known for their tractors, beet and potato harvesters, combine, chippers, pressers, ploughs, haulm toppers, mills and other products of top quality. We are happy to provide you with a list of all of our products.

We have been specialized for more than 65 years in supplying, repairing and servicing combine harvesters. Our very large parts inventory of combine harvesters is widely known and so we provide service to these machines far in the Netherlands. We are also increasingly seen by foreign customers as a very reliable partner and are being asked to provide larger numbers of combine harvesters for export. We are also the right address for harvest machines such as beet harvesters and potato harvesters.

At Van Gemeren Mechanization B.V. about 20 people work. All are convinced that speed is of vital importance in good service. We try to solve any problems as quickly as possible. We can deliver most parts directly. If not, a 24-hour service applies as far as possible.

Parts warehouse

For years we have been a specialist in the field of harvesting machines. Especially harvesters only run for a limited period and are still influenced by the prevailing weather conditions. When work can be done, it must also be able to continue as soon as possible in the event of problems. That is why we think it is widely accepted: ordered today, tomorrow at home, not enough. We continue to invest in a high direct delivery rate of our products and ensure that you can take care of your harvest as optimally as possible.Van Gemeren thinks differently; it is normal for us to get an order one day and deliver it the day after. That is especially important for harvesting machines that are being used during a limited period of time influenced by the weather. After consultation with our technical services the ordered parts can also be assembled which means the customer does not lose valuable time!

In the warehouse service is being provided by experienced people to help you as good and quick as possible. They are being trained extensively. With an assortment with about 40.000 different parts most usual parts are available from stock.

In consultation with our technical services the ordered parts can also be assembled. By these means the customer does not lose valuable time!

We also have an extensive assortment of used and obsolescent stock, which you can find in the following Excel files:
Onderdelen (Ford)
Onderdelen (used New Holland)
Onderdelen (New Holland)
Most are Clayson New Holland (M103, M135, M140, 1500 en 80-serie) and Ford tractor parts. Contact us for very interesting prices!